OUT - October 2015

30 August 2015 11:58

English | PDF | 90 pages | 33.6MB

Out is America's premiere general interest and style magazine for gay men. Sexy, smart, and sophisticated, it inspires readers with captivating feature stories, striking fashion layouts, and lively entertainment reviews. Out. Discover what's in. Filled with interviews, fashion, travel, celebrities... [More]
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Ideat - Septembre/Octobre 2015

30 August 2015 11:48

French | PDF | 426 pages | 142.2MB

Ideat is a lifestyle magazine aimed at all those who find their personality in all forms of creation. Magazine is dedicated to design, it brings attention to the trends for the delight of its readers. [More]

NZ4WD - September 2015

30 August 2015 11:47

English | PDF | 68 pages | 30.3MB

NZ4WD is for people interested in 4WD vehicles and the lifestyle activities associated with them. It covers a range of topics of interest to the 4WD vehicle buyer and driver. [More]
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Artichoke - No.52

30 August 2015 11:40

English | PDF | 126 pages | 39.7MB

Artichoke, Australia's most respected interior architecture and design magazine, presents inspiring examples of design excellence and engaging discussion of design issues to industry professionals and a broader audience of design-savvy consumers. It reviews significant new projects, profiles designers,... [More]

Saveur - October 2015

29 August 2015 05:35

English | PDF | 92 pages | 45.1MB

Saveur is for people who experience the world food first. It was created to satisfy the hunger for genuine information about food in all its contexts. With its emphasis on heritage and tradition, home cooking and real food, the magazine evokes the flavors of food from around the world. [More]
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Luxury Home Design - Vol.18 No.4

28 August 2015 18:02

English | PDF | 260 pages | 101.1MB

Luxury Home Design is committed to bringing readers great ideas, products and services from the best of Australian and international design, building, architecture, and decorating. [More]

PC Magazine - September 2015

28 August 2015 11:59

English | PDF | 130 pages | 51.4MB

PC Magazine(sometimes referred to as PC Mag) is an online computer magazine, provides reviews and previews of the latest hardware and software for the information technology professional. [More]
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