Handyman - September 2016 / New Zealand

26 August 2016 04:03

English | PDF | 114 pages | 47.9MB

Every issue of Handyman is packed full of step-by-step projects that turn the ordinary into extraordinary. Handyman gives you great tips on how to improve both your outdoor and indoor area, it informs you about trends and projects that will beautify your home, save you money and at the... [More]
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The Economist - 27 August 2016

26 August 2016 00:47

English | PDF | 84 pages | 54.4MB

The Economist is a global weekly magazine written for those who share an uncommon interest in being well and broadly informed. Each issue explores the close links between domestic and international issues, business, politics, finance, current affairs, science, technology and the arts. [More]

Music Tech - September 2016

25 August 2016 19:43

English | PDF | 116 pages | 46.6MB

Music Tech is the world's most practical music recording and production magazine. Every issue is packed with hands-on features written by professional producers and engineers, software walkthroughs for all the key packages, Ten Minute Master guides to technologies and techniques, and the very... [More]

GQ - Septiembre 2016 / Spain

25 August 2016 19:25

Spanish | PDF | 212 pages | 85.4MB

GQ es la revista más vanguardista que te adelanta las últimas tendencias de moda y belleza masculina. Te descubrimos el lado más sexy de las mujeres más bellas y te anticipamos las últimas novedades en el terreno del ocio y la cultura. En GQ conocerás todo lo que un hombre debe saber. [More]
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Los Angeles - September 2016

25 August 2016 18:12

English | PDF | 208 pages | 86.9MB

Los Angeles magazine lets you meet the people, explore the places, and preview the events that make Southern California such an exciting, and exuberant place to live. [More]

Smithsonian - September 2016

25 August 2016 16:03

English | PDF | 108 pages | 45.7MB

Smithsonian Magazine takes you on a journey through history, science, world culture and technology with breathtaking images from around the world. [More]

Signature Travel & Lifestyle - Volume 22 (2016)

25 August 2016 14:48

English | PDF | 164 pages | 63.1MB

Signature Travel & Lifestyle inspires its readers to experience stunning adventures; explore cutting-edge hotels, spas, shopping and more; and travel in sensational style, armed with hands-on, up-to-date, accurate and practical travel information. [More]
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