NZ Gardener - January 2015

28 December 2014 22:03

English | PDF | 116 pages | 64.3MB

NZ Gardener, the country's top selling gardening magazine, features New Zealand's most beautiful gardens and the people behind them, as well as providing practical ideas and gardening inspiration relevant to all gardeners. [More]
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B Beyond - No.3 (2014)

26 December 2014 01:35

English | PDF | 120 pages | 34.1MB

B Beyond is an ultra niche, collectible quality magazine written by and about the global elite. Our focus is on art and design, wealth and philanthropy, new technology, innovative ideas and experiences. We specialise in interviewing and profiling the world’s most influential and successful individuals... [More]
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Metro Home & Entertaining - Vol.11 No.6

26 December 2014 01:33

English | PDF | 140 pages | 63MB

Visually stunning magazine captures the most beautiful homes in the archipelago in the widest array. From gorgeous tropical villas to artist's highly personalized apartments, from colonial era mansions to glamorous penthouses, the magazine offers a trove of inspiration. [More]

Conde Nast House & Garden - January 2015 / South Africa

23 December 2014 18:38

English | PDF | 132 pages | 54.2MB

Condé Nast House & Garden offers the best in contemporary design, decorating, renovating, architecture, gardens, travel and entertaining. We focus on beautiful interiors, the people inspiring the design scene and the know how to help you decorate and live stylishly. [More]

Good Gardening - No.5.5 (2014)

20 December 2014 02:36

English | PDF | 108 pages | 49.1MB

Gardening with goodness at its heart - fresh, organic and fun. This magazine is 100% real. We are unashamedly earthy, reflecting the spirit and culture of people who just love to get their hands dirty. Our emphasis is on productive gardening. [More]

Architectural Review - December 2014-January 2015 / Australia

17 December 2014 09:41

English | PDF | 124 pages | 46.5MB

Architectural Review Australia has been the independent voice of Australian architecture for over 25 years. Widely read and respected by architectural practitioners, affiliated professional and all who have a keen interest in the field, AR works collaboratively with opinion leaders to provide... [More]

Luxury Home Design - Vol.17 No.6

17 December 2014 09:39

English | PDF | 196 pages | 75.5MB

Luxury Home Design is committed to bringing readers great ideas, products and services from the best of Australian and international design, building, architecture, and decorating. [More]

House and Leisure - January 2015 / South Africa

14 December 2014 19:38

English | PDF | 148 pages | 59.9MB

House and Leisure is for those who want to celebrate all aspects of contemporary, stylish living in South Africa. House and Leisure is more than just a décor magazine. A source of warmth and pride, loved for celebrating the positives of life in South Africa, it's the only decor home magazine that... [More]

Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly - Vol.21 No.04 (2014)

9 December 2014 22:58

English | PDF | 340 pages | 104.2MB

Kitchens & Bathrooms Quarterly Series is the top-selling publication catering for kitchen and bathroom renovators. Each quarterly issue is packed with the latest designs from Australia’s leading kitchen and bathroom manufacturers. [More]

Home - January 2015 / South Africa

9 December 2014 08:53

English | PDF | 140 pages | 60.2MB

Home is a practical, inspiring guide for the home and garden that enables people to make their home prettier and increase the value – inside and outside. The magazine makes life easier for people wanting to buy a home, build, or make alterations, or even try their hand at gardening, cooking and... [More]
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