GQ - Octubre 2014 / Spain

1 October 2014 02:48

Spanish | PDF | 387 pages | 138.1MB

GQ es la revista más vanguardista que te adelanta las últimas tendencias de moda y belleza masculina. Te descubrimos el lado más sexy de las mujeres más bellas y te anticipamos las últimas novedades en el terreno del ocio y la cultura. En GQ conocerás todo lo que un hombre debe saber. [More]
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Outside Buyer's Guide - Fall/Winter 2014

1 October 2014 00:09

English | PDF | 148 pages | 58.4MB

Twice a year, Outside's Buyer's Guides deliver the world's most comprehensive review of the gear, tools, and technology that are essential to enjoying the active lifestyle. [More]

Maxim - October 2014 / USA

16 September 2014 05:04

English | PDF | 100 pages | 37.9MB

Maxim - the world's leading men's magazine gives men what they want - beautiful women and intense sex. Maxim features beautiful women, cool gadgets, fast cars, sports, entertainment, and other male obsessions. [More]
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Outside - October 2014

9 September 2014 11:05

English | PDF | 116 pages | 51.2MB

Outside - America's leading active-lifestyle and adventure-travel magazine dedicated to covering the people, activities, gear, art, and politics of the world outside. [More]
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GQ - October 2014 / United Kingdom

8 September 2014 11:48

English | PDF | 372 pages | 143.9MB

GQ is the greatest magazine around, the men's magazine with an IQ. Whether it’s fashion, sport, health, humour, politics or music, GQ covers it all with intelligence and imagination. [More]
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FHM - September 2014 / India

4 September 2014 07:39

English | PDF | 124 pages | 53MB

FHM is every guy's guy. Each issue dishes out awesome features on babes, pop culture, sex and relationships, sports, fashion, technology and everything else on men's lifestyle. Never boorish. Just sexy, funny, useful and interactive - all the time! [More]
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GQ India - September 2014

4 September 2014 06:41

English | PDF | 270 pages | 103.7MB

Look sharp. live smart with GQ India, featuring the best in Style, Cars, Gadgets, Babes and The Good Life. You'll be able to enjoy all our in-depth articles and great photo shoots, instantly delivered in stunning high resolution. [More]
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Playboy - September 2014 / South Africa

1 September 2014 13:17

English | PDF | 165 pages | 60.1MB

PLAYBOY is the best-selling men's magazine [More]
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