Classic Star Wars Comics - Issue 1-4

23 February 2010 00:16

English | PDF | 29-34 pages | 55.3MB

Classic Star Wars was an expansive comic book series published by Dark Horse that re-released several hard-to-find Star Wars comics, including the daily Star Wars comic strip by Archie Goodwin and Al Williamson, as well as several from the Marvel Star Wars series of the 70s and 80s. The entire series was published from 1992 to 2003.

The events in Classic Star Wars take place between the first and second Star Wars films, and each issue is jam-packed with action. Our debut issue is no exception: Luke and Leia embark on a scouting mission, are pursued by Imperial troops, and fall into the clutches of a bounty hunter whose real target is Han Solo! Whew! The whole shebang is written by Archie Goodwin, drawn by Al Williamson, and colored by Steve Buccellato, with a new cover by Williamson.


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I like it

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i like it

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i like it

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